• 12-14 August, 2020
  • National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Expo Contract Furniture and Deco for
Commercial Properties and Hotels



National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)


No.333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai, China


12-14 August, 2020


Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  • 210,000+
    SQM Exhibition Space

  • 147,166
    Trade Visitors

  • 3,000+

  • 105
    Countries and Regions

Expo Introduction

China is facing consumption upgrading and people’s consumption view is changing.

The post-80, 90 and even 00 generations have become China’s consumption subject, and the diversified, personalized and quality-and-service-oriented consumption demands are urging traditional hotels and commercial properties to transform. Especially in recent years, home stays with unique style, luxury boutique hotels and eateries and fast fashion stores focusing on space design and creation have been increasingly popular, making the value of commercial property design become the essence of brand diversification competition.



The Expo Contract Furniture and Deco for Commercial Properties and Hotels (HOF) aims to help hotels and commercial properties to learn the latest industrial trends and the most unique design philosophy through the idea of displaying cutting-edge space, high-end environment-friendly materials and advanced furniture. The exhibition contents include hotel furniture, commercial furniture, hotel mattress, outdoor furniture and decor.



As a wind vane of the hotel industry design trend, HOF will also hold fantastic live forum, represent diversified exhibition space and offer interesting event experience while displaying high-quality products. Numerous famous Chinese and international designers, architects, manufactures, dealers, real estate developers, decoration firms, importers and exporters and purchasers will be invited to the exhibition to jointly create a splendid event and bring solution to various new creative products for enterprises.

2020 Hall Plan
1.1H & 2.1H & 4.1H: Hotel Supplies / Hotel Furniture / Decor

1.1H: Hotel Textiles, Hotel Uniforms, Guest Room Appliances & Amenities
2.1H: Guest Room Appliances & Amenities, Hotel Supplies
4.1H: Hotel Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Commercial Furniture, Hotel Matterss, Office Furniture, Lesisure & Recreation Furniture, Physiotherapy Furniture, Banquet Furniture
2.1H & 3.1H: Cleaning / Air Purification / Facility Management / Epidemic Prevention

2.1H: Building Facility, Property Management, Cleaning Products
3.1H: Cleaning Products, Intelligent Cleaning, Sanitation System, Air Purification, Epidemic Prevention Products, Washroom Solution
5.1H & 6.1H: Building & Decoration / Engineering & Design / Interior Design

5.1H: Ceramic Tiles, Stones, Bathroom & Hardware Accessories, Engineering Design 
6.1H: Decoration Materials, Engineering Design, Outdoor Furniture, Fitness & Leisure, Hotel Franchises
7.1H & 8.1H: Lighting & Intelligence / Smart Hotel / Commercial Design & Intelligent Devices / Vending Machines / Self-sefvice

7.1H: Decorative Lighting, Intelligent Control Systems, Smart Hotel & Total Solutions, IT & Security
8.1H: Commercial Design & Intelligent Devices, Smart Retail, Vending Machines, Self-service, Hotel Franchises

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Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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