Whatever you do in bed, SEALY supports it.

Sealy is the name of a small twon outside of Houston in Texas, and is the home of Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, who began making special cotton-filled mattresses in 1881, which were soon became known as the "mattresses from Sealy".

Sealy starts research and evelopment in conjunction with leading orthopedic surgeons beginning with Dr. Addison, a renowned authority on back pain.

The Sealy PostureTech coil with "Sense and Respond" feature is designed revolutionizing spring unit design and performance.

Sealy is the official mattress supplier of the U.S.Olympics Team in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Today Sealy is a famous mattress manufacturer with operations in many countries and regions. In a world of mass production. Sealy beds are still handcrafted one at a time, combing teh advanced technologies with quality materials, delivering high-quality sleep and healthy life.

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