Three Highlights
Ⅰ. Mega scale: 210,000 m2 exhibiting space, 3 theme exhibition sections, 3,000+ exhibitors, and 175,000+ professional visitors, altogether rendering a mega-scale expo.

Ⅱ. Widespread influence: a global trade fair attracting visitors from 106 countries and regions on 6 continents in the world.

Ⅲ. In-depth service: 16 thematic exhibitions, 100+ conferences and events, an all-round and in-depth interaction channel for upstream and downstream of the industry.

Visitor Profile
Exhibits Profile

Hotel Furniture, Mattress, Outdoor Furniture, Commercial Furniture

Hotel Furniture

Smart Office, Space Design Furniture, Hospital Furniture, School Furniture, Smart Furniture

Commercial Deco

Fabric Decoration, Curtain and Accessories, Decorative Materials, Leather Padding, Integrated Ceiling/Wall



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