Expo Deco For Commercial Properties


Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo
6F, Xiandai Mansion, No. 218 South Xiangyang Road, Shanghai
Tel: 021-33392550
Email: commercial@ubmsinoexpo.com

With the development of experience economy and commercial real estate, decorative art become more and more important. Decorations play an important role in the spatial Art, although the form is small. Nowadays, Functional space cannot fill the requirement of people. Decorative art can create comfortable, useful and beautiful space to promote the development of commercial property in the short term.

Located in E6 hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center, Expo Deco meets the need of entity economic revolution, adopting furnishing art to create a comfortable culture atmosphere and usable space. Preparing a small surprise is like managing a big country which is slogan of Expo Deco. Exhibits include from lighting, decorative painting, carpet/home textiles, outdoor decoration, floriculture, Aroma, teaism, incense lore to art craft.